These fit together perfectly:

Vitamin C Algae Mask 
- Mineralizing &
anti aging 

LIA C 6 Daycream Sensitive

- for dry and sensitive skin

LIA C 6 Sensi Care SPF 30

- high sun protection

Toppeel Peeling System

The natural solution to a variety of skin problems treatment goals


Set 1 For Clean Skin - to improve large-pored, seborrheic, impure skin

Set 2 Anti Spot/Pigmentation - to reduce pigment disorders (age spots, aging warts, sun damage)

Set 3 Rejuvinate - to reduce wrinkles visibly

How it works
The active ingredient of Toppeel is CSS, which differs from conventional peels in that it is not water-soluble and thus does not wash off the skin.


This results in much improved properties:

- targeted and very clean separation of the upper horny layer.  The reason for this is that the active ingredient specifically dissolves the natural connection of the corneocytes with each other and does not attack the epidermis (deeper layer of the skin) unselectively as in acid peeling.


So CSS is a very clean, natural and, above all, safe measure that achieves the following goals:

- Renewal of the upper horn layer

- Stimulate the natural skin renewal rhythm to more youthful renewal rates

- Upper skin layer is reinforced, is more flexible and less prone to folding

- Antibacterial, antiinflammatory, antifungal


pH is skin-neutral and therefore it does not require neutralization. 

Comes with detailed application notes.