“The dream was to develop a skincare product that would only consist of ingredients respecting the skin’s needs. Protecting and caring for it."


After years of applied testing the dream became a reality.

Dr. E. Voss – Professional Care was born.


Our team is fortifying this by striving to offer very good customer care and consultation.


We are looking forward to offer reliable skincare products that you can trust, because you see they work… in your mirror!



Your Dr. E. Voss Team since 2011

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CEO & Research and Development
Dr. Eckart Voss
CEO & Sales Management
Dipl. Ing. Britta Schüler-Voss
Head Marketing & Design
Francesca Schüler
Shipping & Controlling
Sophie Hackner
Social Media Manager
Rahime Durna
Chief Cosmetician 
Cathia Alvarez
Chief Cosmetician Seminars
Marie-Luise Gottschalk