Our Skin:

less than 1 mm of ”High-tech”



When we touch our skin, we feel the outer epidermal layer, the so called stratum corneum or ”horny layer”. It indeed consists of tough ”horny” cells. These horny cells ”differentiate” over 4-5 weeks from plump, round new cells in the lower epidermis. During their migration upwards, they lose most of their interior material, which then is rebuilt into the a.m. skinlipids. These skinlipid layers are the ”mortar” in which the horny cells are arranged like roof tiles, the whole system representing a very sophisticated construction to prevent us from drying out like a jellyfish in the sun.

Outside factors can damage this sensitive ”brick&mortar” model. Washing and cleaning habits may ”dissolve” some of the lipids, same can be done by emulsifiers of cosmetics, which wash away some of the protective ”mortar”, leaving skin drier and more sensitive. Our Dual Lift System contains only ingredients respecting the nature and needs of the skin. 


  1. All LIA Creams and HYA 4 Gels come in hygenic Airless bottles

  2. Potency Maximizing Actives - always in the highest doses according to efficacy testing.

  3. High tech signal peptides, a mixture of potent plant extracts, radical scavengers and stable Vitamins yield active mixtures for flawless skin.

  4. Research and Development Capabilities - hence own formulations.

  5. The skin does not need it, so we do without:

  • Preservatives

  • Emulsifiers

  • Paraffin

  • Silicones

  • Ethoxylates

  • Colorants

  • Perfume - (all Hya 4 Gels & a variety of creams.)

Protection - with LIA Creams (LIA C6) 

We use  special emulsifier-free creams that not only prevent ”wash-out effects”, but have a composition similar to natural skin lipids: immediately after application the cream fills damaged ”cracks” of the horny layer, giving it back its protective high tech structure.
But this is only 1 of 3 main features by which our skin benefits from LIA C6 creams. The most important one is the protection from Light Induced Aging (LIA). 
LIA is responsible for more than 60% of the wrinkles that we develop when we get older. And this cream almost completely prevents this due to a patented mix of UV filters plus radical scavengers. We can prove that skin protected from light gets older only 6 months in 1 year. The 3rd skin care element of LIA C6 creams is a rich mix of collagen booster ingredients that have been proven to visibly rejuvenate damaged collagen after several weeks of application. Thus a LIA cream is all you need to restore and keep beautiful skin as long as possible. 

The New England Journal of medicine published an article, supporting this theory. This publication was shared largely, especially by public Newspapers and magazines worldwide. 

Repair - with active ingredients filled Hyaluronic gels 

What about damages from the past? For deep repair we have developed the HYA 4 line, dedicated to treat the deeper skin layers, where the wrinkles are located. We have combined 4 fractions of hyaluronic acid of different chain length and loaded them with high concentration of active ingredients. This system has 2 main benefits: the hyaluronic acids can penetrate into deep skinlayers and by doing so they can help penetration of actives, a so called vehicle effect.

We have applied this principle to the most important cosmetic problems: wrinkles, acne - like impure skin, capillary deficits resulting in symptoms like spider veins, rosacea and even dark eye circles/eye bags, etc.    

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