These fit together perfectly:

HYA 4 Revicell

Cell activating and against wrinkles

Mature skin> 50 years


Revicell aims at the accumulated cell ballast over time and helps to eliminate it. Freshness and vitality are restored. An active ingredient combination ensures that elasticity and strength increase.

The active ingredient TTP-2 is 20x as effective as the "red wine substance" Resveratrol and ensures that elasticity and firmness increase. Thus, the likewise existing matrixyl collagen booster can work even more efficiently. In our proven 4-fold Hyalurongel and together with the collagen activator Madecassosid and a highly efficient deep-acting radical scavenger, this recipe is our new top product in addition to the Hya 4 Deep Lift Q10.


Target group: Mature skin> 50 years. Below (35-50 years), take the Hya 4 Deep lift Q10, or both alternately, as the mechanisms complement each other.

Always combine with the LIA C 6 cream right for your skintype. 

LIA C 6 Daycream Rich

- for very dry skin

HYA 4 Deep Lift Q10 

- intensive anti wrinkle treatment

HYA 4 Quattrox
Wrinkle-relaxing Botox out of the bottle