These fit together perfectly:

Hya 4 Deep Lift Q10

- Anti wrinkle serum

LIA C 6 Daycream Sensitive

- for dry and sensitive skin

Repair Mask

- restructuring & moisture

LIA C 6 Nightcream Sensitive

For dry  and sensitive skin


Formulation without perfume.


Reparation while sleeping: with LMS and a modern vitamin A analogue, a plant extract from the sea fin (aroleat samphira), for the stimulation of nocturnal skin repair processes.

Without the LIA Filter System, but with our intelligent radical scavenger

To stimulate the body’s own repair systems, the wrinkle smoothing agents Matrixyl® for collagensynthesis and Idealift for elastinsynthesis are also contained. The LMS foundation gives a unique skin sensation. You can practically feel your skin breathe in relief.