Interview Beauty Forum TV

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We had the honor to be interviewed by Beauty Forum TV during the recent Beauty fair in Düsseldorf, one of the leading B2B cosmetic fairs internationally. 

Hello new Beauty Magazine

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Our seasonal customer magazine is out now! Inside every order and made with love and care! 

Premiere new Brandextention

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We are pleased to present our brand extension "Dr. E. Voss Beauty"! Available from May 2018

Get to know Hya 4 Revicell

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A high-dose 4-fold hyaluronic gel against wrinkles and cell-activating.


1) Highly effective Bio Hyaluron (short-long-chain) lifts the skin & transports the active ingredients into the deep layers (vehicle function).

2) Complementary active ingredient combination of: A peptide that is 20 times as effective as the red wine substance resveratrol and provides strength and elasticity. This allows the contained collagen booster Matrixyl to act more efficiently. In addition, as a collagen activator the proven Madecassoside (tiger grass) and a radical scavenger, make the Hya 4 Revicell a top product. In addition to the Hya 4 Deep Lift Q10, the Revicell is ideally suited for mature skin over 50 years.


3) To speed up and maintain treatment success, please use LIA C6 Daycream after applying the Hya 4 Revicell.


4) Absolutely compatible, free of color, fragrance and preservatives.


5) Hygienic airless dispensers.


6) Very economical in consumption.


7) At home daily & professionally with the following equipment / treatments: RF, meso, needling, RF-micro needling, ultrasound, etc.

March 9th until March 11th 2018: Beauty Düsseldorf Leading International Cosmetic Fair

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Find us in hall 10 stand F78, Beckbuschstraße, 40474 Düsseldorf, Germany.


About the event: Information event for specialized B2B customers. If you would like to arrange a consultation in advance, send us an email to please. 

We look forward to welcoming all international visitors that want to get to know us!


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For dry skins that still love it light! The new LIA C6 Daycream Elegance has the same LMS content as the normal LIA C6 Daycream, but feels much lighter! Available from January 16th 2018.

With LMS, Collagenbooster Matrixyl and Idealift. An intelligend radical scavenger and Vitamin E. 

Why we do not need a high SPF daily

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Wrinkles are genetic, because you cannot do anything against “them”. Or can you? In addition, my trusted pharmacist advised the SPF 50 to protect my skin. What does the sun protection factor protect me against?


I will explain:
When I think about wrinkles, I always analyze. Is this a dryness, mimic, or real "You've gotten old" - wrinkle? There are so many different ones. You often have to get up close to get it right. How many times have I talked to people about wrinkles… Often I get answers like: "Oh, wrinkles, that's part of life!", Or "cosmetics cannot do anything anyway! It is all advertising!" My favorite comment by far is:" Wrinkles are genetic anyway, and there is nothing you can do against them.” You can’t?

Honestly. There are many publications on the development of wrinkles in the human skin. And even more honest, they all come to the same conclusion. You can have an opinion, yes, but you can also evolve it. Here are some of the facts that have built my opinion:

The New England Journal of Medicine published a report on skin aging in April 2012. This report explained the difference between the sun's UVA and UVB radiation for the first time openly to a broad audience. "Ah! So it's about sunscreen," you certainly think now. True, but you have to differentiate. First you have to understand the so-called sun protection factor. Sun protection factors protect against UVB radiation. This is less relevant for wrinkles. UVB radiation does not “make you old”, but instead stimulates the melanin production of the skin, so it creates the beautiful tan, which protects us to some extent from sunburn, unfortunately often much too late. I suppose now that we all apply sunscreen when we sunbathe on a beach. Best a very high protection. SPF 50 maybe? The higher the better, right? Accordingly, SPF 50 protects 5 times as much as SPF 10? One would think!

But if one really understands the factors, it is totally misleading. In fact, the difference between SPF 10 and 50 is only 8%. Because the SPF 10 reduces the UVB radiation to 1/10, so it filters out 90%. Accordingly, SPF 50 reduces the UVB radiation to 1/50, that is 2%, thus decreasing 98%. 98% -90% = 8%. Not so much.

More important than applying insanely high protection factors is to avoid application errors. For the sunscreen cream measuring test in the laboratory they applied 2 mg per square centimeter, which is unrealistic in reality at the beach. You would apply it unevenly and altogether much too little and then in the end you probably have a SPF 15 on the right cheek and a SPF 8 on the forehead when you have creamed yourself with SPF 20. In addition, it is necessary to reapply the cream after bathing, because the majority of the sunscreen has ended up in the towel.

Back to the above mentioned publication. It is about a 69-year-old truck driver who has been driving the same route for almost 30 years. You can see clearly that his left, the window-facing face half is very wrinkled, his right, the protective interior facing face, however, is still relatively smooth. This finding is interesting in that it proves that the wrinkles are caused by the UVA rays, because UVB cannot penetrate the glass of the side window.
This knowledge was nothing new for the experts. The research and development department of Procter & Gamble has published findings on the extent of light-induced skin aging at a 2008 Science Congress in Munich. Besides, Dr. Eckart Voss conducted a study in 2005 on more than 200 participants of all ages. The age of the skin was determined via skin elasticity measurements on the outer and inner arm and graphically displayed.

Result: A 70 year old has an inner-arm elasticity, like the outer arm of a 35 year old. The skin of the inner arm is therefore only half as "old" as the outer arm. The inner arm, which almost never faces the light, has aged genetically, whereas the outer arm is twice as old due to the light-induced aging of the skin.

Conclusion: to avoid wrinkles you should protect the skin from light. But you do not need high sun protection factors in our latitudes; SPF 4-6 is perfectly adequate. (Also because of the Vitamin D Synthesis, but that is another topic.) But what you need every day, whether cloudy or not, is as complete as possible UVA protection. Although sunscreen creams now require minimum protection against UVA radiation, this is not enough to protect against wrinkles. Because the task of these creams is primarily the protection against sunburn.
You can remember it like this: UVA = AGE; UVB = BURN.

And of course I write that to draw attention to our LIA creams. They got that UVA protection! Our LIA creams have inverted sunscreen, so to say: high protection against UVA (almost 100%), moderate sunscreen protection (SPF 4-6) from UVB. In addition, we have incorporated an intelligent radical scavenger, which increases its protection with UVA exposure. A smart triple filter that remains in the horny layer and never penetrated into the skin! It stays where it needs to protect our skin.

You can trust that our LIA creams provide excellent protection for your skin from light-induced aging. So you do not have to go to the basement to prevent wrinkles! And honestly, at 40 you have half the life and 80% of the wrinkles ahead of you! So it's worth thinking about prevention!

*LIA = Light-induced aging

Soothing POWER COUPLE for very dry skin

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Do you already know our skin soothing Power Duo for very dry skin?


It takes about 28 days from a cell born in the germ layer to reach the horny layer. During this time the living cell loses all its juice and turns into a dry, flat and dead horny cell, which is finally rejected. This process is called differentiation.


At the same time, the appearance of the cell changes: while the young cells in the lower part of the epidermis cling tightly together like honeycombs, the horny cells are surrounded by a thick lipid mantle, which makes the horny layer an almost impenetrable shield against the outside world. In chronically dry skin, the differentiation process is disturbed, the protective layer is formed poorly. Then you call those skinconditions, atopics, eczema, psoriatics. There are cracks and leaks, the skin dries up and bacteria and pollutants can penetrate from the outside. Dry skin tightens, itches, hurts, burns, and sometimes ends up as open wounds.




We repair the defective horny layer with our emulsifier-free LIA C6 creams. These creams penetrate quickly and permanently into the skin and fill the flaws like putty or glue. This is a causal treatment that always helps in the long run.


To help in the short term, we have designed our Hyaderm gel: 8 different active ingredients calm the following symptoms in high concentrations. Not only does HYADERM N reduce the sensation of the most unpleasant skin reactions, such as redness, burning, itching, but it also speeds recovery to regain soothed and flawless skin. Apply the gel abundantly. The symptoms of the mentioned skin reactions are lessening rapidly now. Attention: Symptomatic applications do not treat the causes!


Ideally use with LIA C6 Soothingcream as well. The recipe is dye-free and emulsifier-free. Suitable for intolerances to preservatives.

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