These fit together perfectly:


Deep Lift Q10

Intensive Anti Wrinkle Treatment



Intensive Anti Wrinkle Treatment from 30-35 years of age.  The active ingredients contained penetrate deep into the skin via the 4 hyaluron fractions, as short-chain HYAs in particular have a strong vehicular function. 9 different active ingredients in high concentration are aimed at several aspects of collagen synthesis at the same time.

4 signal peptides that boost collagen, as well as a signal peptide especially for the excitation of elastin synthesis. 2 signal peptides of the "Botox" type are used for rapid wrinkle smoothing via muscle relaxation.

A very special success was achieved by the addition of a special Edelweiss extract produced by sustainable stem cell technology. In particular, hanging creases in the neck area respond excellently. And of course radical scavenger Q10 in high concentration for the stimulation of the skin's metabolism in the mitochondria.

Always combine with the LIA C 6 cream right for your skintype. 

LIA C 6 Daycream

- for dry skin

LIA C 6 Nightcream 
- for dry skin

LIA C 6 Handcream

- for normal skin