These fit together perfectly:

LIA C 6 Daycream


For dry and normal skin

For dry skins that still love it light! The new LIA C 6 Daycream Elegance has the same LMS content as the normal LIA C 6 Daycream, but feels much lighter!


All of the daily care products in the Dr. E. Voss range provide > 90% LIA protection, i.e. radicals produced by UV rays or by other means are almost completely prevented, and are now reinforced by an “intelligent” active ingredient, which adjusts its power depending on the UV exposure. Reinforced with a UVB sun protection factor of approx. 6-8 which is perfectly sufficient for sun rays in middle Europe, you will be able to enjoy the day indoors and outdoors without any worries.


To stimulate the body’s own repair systems, the wrinkle smoothing agents Matrixyl® for collagensynthesis and Idealift for elastinsynthesis are also contained. The LMS foundation gives a unique skin sensation. You can practically feel your skin breathe in relief. 

Hya 4 Deep Lift Q10

- Anti wrinkle serum


Nightcream Elegance

- for dry skin

LIA C 6 Daycream Color Correction

- color correcting daycream