Bright Eyes 360

Against wrinkles, eye rings, tear-bags 



An intensive all-round supply for the eye. Now for the first time with three active ingredients, which shows sensational results in the alleviation of hanging eyelids / drooping eyelids.

A signal peptide reduces the appearance of dark and puffy eyebags. Troxerutin and Niacinamid (Vit. B3) strengthen capillaries to also reduce dark eye circles. An extract from the sillk tree increases elastinsynthesis and has a lifting effect on drooping eyelids. On top of that we added the plant extract centella asiatica to furthermore restore strengthend capillaries in the deeper tissue of the skin. 

Always combine with the LIA C 6 cream right for your skintype. 

These fit together perfectly:

LIA C 6 Eyecream

- for the skin around the eyes

LIA C 6 Daycream

- for dry skintypes

HYA 4 Deep Lift Q10

- Intensive anti wrinkle treatment