Body Modelling Gel & HOT

Anti Cellulite Hya Gel


A key enzyme, is fortified by the active ingredients caffeine, Vit. B3, and Bupleurum extract, lecithin dissolves the fats, and coenzyme A and carnitine favor the burning of fatty acids in the mitochondria. Ruscus, Aescin and Hedera extract (plant extracts) provide for the removal of fatty acids. Overall, an extremely strong recipe.

The HOT version additionally contains a vitamin B3 derivative for warming and blood circulation improvement and thus for enhancing the effect.

These fit together perfectly:

LIA C 6 Bodylotion

- for dry and normal skin

HYA 4 Body Contour

- lipofilling creamgel for the breasts

Long Lashes 
- forifying serum for eyelashes and eyebrows