These fit together perfectly:

Toppeel Home Use

- for uneven skin against blemishes

Micro Foam Cleanser

- for all skintypes

LIA C 6 24 H Cream

- for normal and oily skin

HYA 4 Aknex

Against blemishes



This preservative-free Hyalurongel tackles the pimple-problem from all sides: The alpha-dehydrogenase inhibitor oleanolic acid improves the hormonal skin balance, NDGA reduces excessive keratinocyte production.

A high-dose vitamin B3 acts Sebustatic, which is also anti-inflammatory. Provitamin B5, Madecassoside (pure, from tigergrass) and a very effective calming agent from oats have a similar effect. Dead keratinocytes, which block the follicular exit and are responsible for the inflammatory pimples, are "digested" by a modern high-tech protease enzyme. With this we aim at all causes of blemishes at the same time. Results after one day!

Always combine with the LIA C 6 cream right for your skintype.