24 Hour Cream

For young and normal skin


Pure protection against LIA and care for the upper skin layer. Due to the evening application, a protective depot is already built which is reinforced in the morning.

All of the daily care products in the Dr. E. Voss range provide > 90% LIA protection, i.e. radicals produced by UV rays or by other means are almost completely prevented, and are now reinforced by an “intelligent” active ingredient, which adjusts its power depending on the UV exposure. Reinforced with a UVB sun protection factor of approx. 6-8 which is perfectly sufficient for sun rays in middle Europe, you will be able to enjoy the day indoors and outdoors without any worries. 

These fit together perfectly:

Hya 4 Aknex

- For clean skin against pimples and blemishes

LIA C 6 Bodylotion

- for normal skin

Soft Peel

- Cleansing Gel on fruit acid basis