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The DUAL LIFT SYSTEM is both amazingly simple and extremely effective. It assumes that optimal results are achieved by separating the function of the products: on the one hand, deeply penetrating active substance carriers, and on the other hand, protective creams remaining in the upper layers of the skin allow for a separate maximization of both functions, ie. effect and protection, without having to compromise.

To produce cosmetic products that respect, support, restore, and protect the human skin.


The concept is based on an intentionally different treatment of epidermis and dermis by means of a hyalurongel active ingredient series, which is aimed at the dermis and a LIA C 6 cream series, which cares for and protects the epidermis and horny layer. We call that the DUAL LIFT® System.

The concept is ideal for our skin’s biology. The products are without preservatives, emulsifiers, paraffin, silicones and ethoxylates and thus often correspond to the desire for skin-harmonic treatment. However, we do not work with homoeopathic doses, but on the contrary with high active ingredient concentrations and a multi-path strategy, in which a single product uses several ways to target the problem, in order to increase the overall success. (Naturally not tested on animals and free of micro plastics.)


Our products are strictly based on the needs of the skin!

The skin does not need it, so we do not use it:






Perfume (all Hya 4 gels & a selection of creams)

Preservative according to KVO

"The dream was to develop a skincare product that only contains ingredients that respect the needs of the skin, a product that protects and cares for the skin."

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