Hya 4 Deep Lift and Deep Lift Q10

2 signal peptide and 2 carbhydrate collagen boosters as well as an additional signal peptide for stimulating elastin synthesis in order to help develop supporting fibres. Without their support and structure, even the best hyaluron structure has little effect.

2 “Botox” mechanism signal peptides for smoothing wrinkles through muscle relaxation.

The amino acid proline, as a precursor for collagen synthesis, and vitamin C, as a radical scavenger, support this effect.

The Q10 version also contains high concentrations of Q10 in a deeply penetrating liposome preparation for the targeted stimulation of skin metabolism in mitochondria.

Hya 4 Deep Lift and Hya 4 Deep Lift Q10 were also specially developed for Mesoporotation. The finely tuned consistency of the gel can be used with all mesoporotation devices. Only available as a booth product.

Hya 4 Capimed

This aims to improve the sealing of brittle capillaries to prevent tissue fluids from escaping and causing undesired discolourations.

An extract from a laurel bush (Tambourissa T. from Madagascar) contains 2 rutin derivates with a proven effect on rosacea and couperose, in addition to high doses of rutin and an extract of Ruscus aculeatus (butcher's broom) to facilitate venous flow and reduce the volume of tissue. Concentrated Centella asiatica has an anti-inflammatory effect. And the powerful rosacea effect of niacinamide (vitamin B2) is also well documented (P. Matts, IFSCC magazine vol 5, 4, 2002).

Hya 4 Pure

This is where the pure 4x hyaluron is brought into action. No active ingredients, just pure moisture. We also developed Hya 4 Pure specifically for mesporotation. The finely tuned consistency of the gel can be used with all mesoporotation devices. Only available as a booth product.

Hya 4 Bright Eyes

This treatment aims to combat dark circles and puffiness due to poorly sealed capillaries.

We use a combination of several sources of rutin, madecassoside® and niacinamide. Also contains: Eyeseryl®, an innovative signal peptide for reducing the permeability of capillaries.

This preservative-free hyaluron gel therefore addresses the problem from all sides at once.

Hya 4 Aknex

The alpha dehydrogenase inhibitor oleanolic acid aims to improve the hormonal balance of the skin, NDGA targets excessive keratinocyte production, high doses of vitamin B2 (niacinamide) targets sebostasis and is an anti-inflammatory. A similar effect is also provided by provitamin B5 (panthenol), Madecassoside® (pure, from tiger grass), as well as a soothing active ingredient extracted from oats (dihydrovenanthramide). A modern, high-tech protease enzyme aims to “digest” dead keratinocytes that can block follicle openings and are therefore partly responsible for the inflammation of pimples. This enables us to target many causes of acne at once and combine the potential of each individual active ingredient.

Hya 4 Cool Down Gel

Here too, numerous active ingredients are brought together in an innovative combination to combat various types of skin irritation.

A common fundamental cause of irritation is dry skin. The hyaluron gel in itself already has a positive effect, reinforced by a special cactus extract (Opuntia). Apart from that, it is important to raise the stimulus threshold and thereby reduce sensitivity. Laureth 9 is recognised as the first choice here; the balloon plant (Cardiospermum halicacabum) and a comforting ingedient from oats (avenanthramide) are other methods of reaching this goal. A modern signal peptide is used to reduce nerve stimulation and finally Madecassoside® (a pure extract of Centella asiatica = tiger grass) is used for enhancing the natural protection potential of the keratinocytes.

Hya 4 Depil Gel

Apply this enzyme gel after the usual hair removal with wax or sugar paste, and new hair will grow back less quickly. This works thanks to the inclusion of a protease that is brought to the new hair follicles using our Hya 4 Gel, and damages them severely from the beginning of growth. Since new hair can no longer develop, the uncomfortable hair removal procedure is required less and less often.

Hya 4 Long Lashes

We combined 3 modern high-tech signal peptides, all leaders in terms of eyelash and eyebrow growth, with biotin, niacinamide (vit. B2), liposomalem Q10 and a strong dose of caffeine in a multi level formulation. Our customers enjoy more, stronger and longer eyelashes after only a few weeks! Also for eyebrows!

Hya 4 Botolip

For an instant lip plumping effect, we have used 3 of the best “Botox” mechanism signal peptides at once and combined them with the moisture/collagen booster Madecassoside®, added Vitamin B2 for enhancing the lipid structure and packed it all into an extremely moisturising formulation.